First week

first week omg. The summer felt super short but its nice to be back. There was a breakfast today and I had a bagel, best part of the week so far. I went to the park which was really fun. Oooo I get to go walk my dads friends dog today!!! She it the best dog EVER. She jumps on me every time I see her, its so amazing. Im really exited for the new girl to visit next week, I heard shes really nice.

This week

I went to beach this week. It was really fun even though it was freezing. I’m going to the governors ball this weekend. I’m so exited. I won’t be able to sleep because I’m soooo exited!!!!!! There is a new dog at school. It’s a nice dog.

Year books!!

yayy we are getting year books. I’m so exited!! Today was picture day. It was fun, a lot better than my previous school picture days. I helped pick out the pictures. It was so fun so see all the things we have done. I got to see Nahla’s dogs today. Jeff’s feet make little clicking noises on the floor. In a good way though.

My week

This week I went to a show with Iphy. I did art and I will play werewolves in 1 minute. I’m really exited for the art fundraiser and the neofuturists!!!! Yay

I also played Minecraft. I know, big surprise right.

I went to cooking and we made spring rolls. They were fantastic. I played a new game called skull. It was really fun.

My week

Tomorrow is Xander’s birthday! It feels like a Monday, but I’m glad it’s not because I get to sleep longer. I did math this week. Yay. I listened to music but Beth and Iphy said my songs were too sad. They don’t make me feel sad though, sooo. Yes that was the end of the previous sentence. That was the end of my thought soooooo. Yup,

My week

i played cards. I learned how to play rummy. Fun. Yay. I went to the union square park. The one with the dome. It was freezing outside. Then me Nahla and Aniya got pizza. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I’m hoping that long so made my blog a little longer. I went to karaoke. Then we all got dinner. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

there we go, looks good to me