My week

i played cards. I learned how to play rummy. Fun. Yay. I went to the union square park. The one with the dome. It was freezing outside. Then me Nahla and Aniya got pizza. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I’m hoping that long so made my blog a little longer. I went to karaoke. Then we all got dinner. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

there we go, looks good to me

This week

This week I came to school. I did some stuff. I ate lunch. I played a lot of cards. I learned some really cool fun card games today!! Thank you chuck. Soo much. I also went to Dancegiving. There was a lot of amazing food. That you Sterling’s mom! Visiting students. They all got in.  Yay.  So exciting. I feel good. Really good. I had so much sugar. WOOOOOHOOOOO

My thoughts at this moment

I’m not sure how to dress in this weather. I want to wear leggings under my pants, long sleeve shirts and long socks. I go out side and I think “this is perfect, I’m not cold I have made a smart decision.” Then I get to school. Thats when I start to melt. So I’ve been wearing the same stuff I wear during the summer time. Jeans and short sleeve shirts with short socks. “Oh my gosh, you wear jeans when it’s summer?” Yes. Yes I do.


Today me Beth and Luca went and got pizza for the school. Yay. THERE IS A NEW SEASON OF THE FOSTERS!!!!!  AHHHHHHH The fosters is the best show ever. Well, in my opinion. I am exhausted. You can tell because I am only putting one space between my sentences. Putting two is a tiny obsession I have. I’m too tired to be obsessed. The grammar and spelling might be a  littl off too but I am too tired to go back and look at it. That is all. I can’t type anymore. Bye. I realized that I wrote the word bye after I said that I was done writing. I won’t do that again. I’m done now.

My week

This wasn’t the greatest day ever.     One of the good things about it was the lunch I ate.  It had all the things that I love in it.  I got hit by multiple things today.  The pillow was surprisingly the most painful.  This week I went on the trip to Barnes and Nobel.  I didn’t buy any books, but I did get some thing to eat and drink at the cafe.  After that we all went to shake shack.  Woo hoo.  That was the only really interesting and fun thing I did this week.

Im writing this for free write and blogging.

Sooo.  I just lost the game.  I have this weird bump on my foot.  It hurts.  I don’t think its a blister.  I hope it goes away.  Abby told us a story about her fighting a cop today.  Well that wasn’t really the story.  She was telling us about her time at the coolest college in the world.  Im reading a book for the first time in years.  Well, thats not totally true.  Ive read books, but I haven’t finished a book in a while.  This one I plan on finishing.  I will really try.

Ok Im back.  I suddenly felt extremely dehydrated, so I got up to get a drink of water.  I went to acting today which was fun.  It was Iphys birthday a couple days ago.  We had cake.  Yum.  I am sorry for putting two spaces between all of my sentences.  Its a thing that I was told to do when I was little, so now it bothers me when I don’t.  Mel taught me that people only did that when they used typewriters to type.  FUN fACT!  OH, oops still in caps.  Oh my, I just heard Luca laugh from across the hall.  Haha…..good times.



First blogging of the new school year.  This week I wrote a story in writing skills. this is the story….

The little porcupine sat in the jar along with my pet zebra, my little sister and my porch swing.  It was a big jar.  It had ten small holes at the top so that they could all breathe.  Especially my porch swing.  Did you know that porch swings are only outside because they consume oxygen.  Anyway, my little sister was in the jar because she cut off my left pinky toe. The zebra is in there because he bit off my sisters legs.  I had to put him in the jar even though he only did it to get revenge for the toe thing.  I looked through the glass and watched my sister drag her way across the bottom of the jar to the swing.  I installed ropes on the ground so that whenever she wanted to move she could pull herself across the bottom of the jar. The porch swing was only there because he was sucking up all the oxygen and slowly killing everybody in my family.  And last but defiantly not least, Mr. Nibbles, my porcupine was in the jar to kill anybody who tried to escape.


The End.

I hope you have enjoyed reading.









i am sooo happy that you have scrolled down




wowoowowowoowowoow……still reading?





yes, this is really the end.










ok seriously THE END



told u it was the end






























My week

this week I did some stuff. I’m so exited for vacation!! Only 13 more dayyyyysssss.    Yayayayaya. I leave on the 15⛰🏖. OH MY GOSH!!  Beth jut fell off a chair. This week I spent a lot of time with beth and Iphy hanging outside on the fire escape. We had a lot of fire drills. I love fire drills. I like the ones where we all hide in the dark so that the person with a gun doesn’t find us. I like it because we don’t have to go out in the cold or hot weather. Beth just fell off the chair again. She is changing chairs. From a Rollie chair to a still chair.


this week i played minecraft with Iphy and james.  A lot.   I also got pretty far in the story about an avocado girl.  I fixed the swing today.  the string was starting to get thin and frayed. I kind of wanted to see someone fall. Anyway,  we made pancakes for cooking today. They were very good.  Toby got a hair cut. Its soo cool. Nahla was wearing a shirt today that made her look like a super hero.  i saw the bar mitzvah photos today and they are soo prettttyyy. But sebastian taking forever to send them.  sorry for the long title HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH