Im writing this for free write and blogging.

Sooo.  I just lost the game.  I have this weird bump on my foot.  It hurts.  I don’t think its a blister.  I hope it goes away.  Abby told us a story about her fighting a cop today.  Well that wasn’t really the story.  She was telling us about her time at the coolest college in the world.  Im reading a book for the first time in years.  Well, thats not totally true.  Ive read books, but I haven’t finished a book in a while.  This one I plan on finishing.  I will really try.

Ok Im back.  I suddenly felt extremely dehydrated, so I got up to get a drink of water.  I went to acting today which was fun.  It was Iphys birthday a couple days ago.  We had cake.  Yum.  I am sorry for putting two spaces between all of my sentences.  Its a thing that I was told to do when I was little, so now it bothers me when I don’t.  Mel taught me that people only did that when they used typewriters to type.  FUN fACT!  OH, oops still in caps.  Oh my, I just heard Luca laugh from across the hall.  Haha…..good times.

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