This great week

this week was kind of uneventful.  I went to good will and bought a $1 book but I ended up paying $4 for it because of a silly misunderstanding between Serena me and the sales person.  The book I bought had a ton of amazing pictures of cheap but fancy hotels.  Today I did acro which was so fun.  During the week I kept moving up in the my singing monsters levels and got a lot of new and cool monsters.  That’s pretty much all I’ve done this week.  Oh wait, I also made a huge glove out of a velvet rug and a hot glue gun. I did other stuff but it’s not as important as everything else.

this week was awesome.

This week two new girls came.  They are really nice and supportive.  One is names elise and the other girl is named serena.  Every day we went out to lunch and got pizza or chinese food.  On friday me serena and alphie went out and elise didnt come to school.  I made  something with string.  Its sort of like weaving but you weave in a circle to make cool designs.  I also played my singing monsters.  James taught me how to play.  I also Made a small square scooter out of wood and painted it with green and black.  Its really cool and fun to ride on. I also found out about an anime show called hetalia.  In hetalia there is an axis made up of different characters named after different countries.  Im japan.  this was a great week.

what i did this week

This week i spent a lot of time in the art room.  I made my own candle to use during the afternoon meeting when we say what we are greatfull for. I also went on the computor to find games that i likes.  I wanted to play mine craft but there were always people using the computers.   I went to the gym on the day where there was a potluck.   I also read the comic book that i brought.  I also wanted to go to the park but it was too hot outside.