The week before holloween

today Jiana’s dad brought cupcakes and candy.  I went to acro and made a popcorn costume.  The art room is really messy because every one was using fake blood for there costume.  There’s even sand on the floor.  Today I played werewolves and the werewolves lost.  im so exited for holloween.  I also made a sword with Ryan.


this week I went to the park and to upstate New York. I went to the gym and made a wooden cup and ball game.    Today I made soup and grilled cheese with peanut butter in cooking today.  I’m also reading a good book.     I killed Jacob with Askani.  Today I’m going to play limbo after blogging.  I also went to culture committee.

This week

this was an awesome week.  This week I wrestled with alfie  and made a little floor table for an air filter.  The air filter table for  my mom. She’s  going to pay me $40!!!!!!!!!!!?.  I also went out to lunch with alfie and Serena and Askani.  It was freezing today.  It feels like winter!