Today i made a key chain for my mom.  Its really nice. it has little googly eyes on it.  the head is a big bead.  anyway.  Im sick.  i barely can breath out of my nose a lot of the times.  I went to cooking and tea time today.  For cooking we made hot wings and barbecue wings.  they were yummy.  I also made a swing that hangs from a medal door frame in the art room.  right now im wearing fuzzy penguin  socks.  So yea.  My week was good. except when i was pretty sick and had to stay home.  I also got a splinter in my foot.   it still hurts.

This week

this week I tried to go Ice skating twice with Eli and Abby.  But it was closed.  I was so angry.   Today we finally got to go icelating. I went with Jacob and Serena.   It was really fun.  I also stubbed my toe and it’s bruised egg head made it harder to ice skate. We were going to get hot chocolate but Serena got hurt on the ice so we had to leave right away.  I’m acting like this happened a while ago because I’m writing in past tense.  Well now I’m not.  All of this it happening right now. Like the thing about hot chocolate.