This week

This week I went to Askanis house.  I also talked to Lyla because she came to school here this week because she had a week off at her school.  I also made 2 fake phones.  They look awesome.  It also went to the gym. And made soup with my dad on the day that I stayed home.

week whatever

this week  i went the gym and we got a trampoline.  I played galactic nemeses a lot.  Jame’s brother was  visiting and now goes to the school.  everyone is bothering Jacob and its funny.  my dad is picking me up today. were going to cook a chicken.  serena is sad.  i dont know why.  I think some one hurt her feelings.  Im bored.

Im Tired

Serena claims she is part japanese.  But she makes fun of them alot. Even though shes obsessed with speaking and learnibg japanese culture.  Shes very indecisive.  Jacob is being mean and isnt letting me focus on blogging.  Hes making mean jokes about everyone.  Any way…

This week i went to the gym and the music room and i played uno and other card games.  I have  idea what else to blog about.   Im still waiting  for the 3-d printing chocolate mold making project with Douglas.  Its been a month.


Right now I’m watching honest trailers with alfie and Jacob and Serena.  There so funny.  I’m also chewing natural gum.   This week I went to the gym and watched Eli and Serena sword fight and then break the sword.  I also made a robot in wood working.  I also listened to music and watched other funny videos with Serena and Askani.