This week I got a new scooter.


i went rock climbing and played galactic nemesis.  I also went on an Easter egg hunt.  I got a cold. And I can barely breath through my nose.  I’m blogging on a swing right now. It’s making me a little nauseous but that’s ok.

Visiting week

this week 3 kids visited. Two out of three got in.  We went to the zoo.  We saw a 4-d movie.  It was awesome.b I blogging early today because I want to go the park. Today in cooking were making Shepard pie.  Everyone’s really sad that tea time was canceled, and are really sorry for being disrespectful. Anyway this  was a pretty good week.  I also went rock climbing which was awesome.

I’m at the park

I’m at the park right now

i was just on the swings

serenas too scared to go really high.  I went in the baby swing

it was really fun.  We went to a tamale place. We= Serena, Eli, Ryan, Nancy and Jiana.  It was delicious but very filling.  Serena didn’t like them. We all have scooters so it’s really fun. Anyway

I’m going back to the swings. Bye


This week was ok.

I played kickball

i went up to the roof for the first time

i had to clean up the art room which has been messier than usual

javair moved to Ohio

I played warewolves

I went to cooking,       BACON!!!!!!!!!