My week

This week played werewolves a lot.  I played kickball, I think.   I’m tired and sick. Yay.  I watched Serena take apart her phone which was pretty cool.  I went to cooking and we made fondue. It was amazing!!  I watched the fosters with Beth today. I wanted to go to swing a ring but it rained. It’s finally fall!!  It’s cold again!!! I went to theatre of the oppressed and it was really fun and embarrassing. The end

sick week☹️?

This week, well, these past couple of days my stomach hasn’t been feeling well.  Its probably because I’ve been eating really unhealthy things.  This week i played kickball, then we were kicked out of the gym?.   We can only go on Mondays and Wednesdays  between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning. So we can go from 10:00 or later to 11:00.  Thats insane and totally not fair.  Besides that my week was good.  I played Minecraft with James.  It was Iphys birthday???? Today I’m going with max and beth to get crepes. But I’m not eating a lot of sugar right now so ill just watch them eat.

Week 2

This week felt super short. I stayed home on Thursday and it felt like a Sunday.   I was sad when I realized that I had missed rock climbing by staying home. But then my mom got an email saying that it was switched to Friday! Yayayayayaya!!!  That was exiting. I’m really exited for…..something. I forget what I’m exited about but I have a feeling that I should be really exited. Or maybe I’m physic and I know that something exiting is coming.   But I probably forgot.  But that doesn’t matter.  James told me that I missed making snow cones on Thursday?  I played kick ball. And I skyped Julius with people.  I went with Iphy to get pizza today.  I owe her money.

first half week at alc

This week was ok. Well it was actually pretty good. I played Jenga, tank trouble  and Minecraft.  Today I’m going to get sushi with beth and Iphy. YAY. Luca split open the curved part of nose because a bulletin board fell on him.  There was yoga. I didn’t go but it sounded fun.  I some chicken and cupcakes. And felt sick after.  It was worth it. Dead birds were found in a place.  I don’t know where they were found or who found them, thats why the  sentence was written weirdly. I heard that abby had to peel off the skin with tweezers.  Anyway,  today is Friday.  And Friday is the day that I get to watch as many hours of tv that I can fit in the day.  YAYYYY