That means chili. We are making chili and playing tag in the kitchen/dining room thing.   It’s the place with tables out side of the kitchen.  It’s very loud.  We are also making cornbread.  Yay.

That might seem like a sarcastic yay but it’s a sincere happy yay.  Today there was a werewolves game.  Everyone said that Damian messed up the first game      and is a terrible dm but he just made a mistake.  It’s not fare that everyone is making him feel bad about DMing. Then we had another werewolves game and I died on the first night.  But it was still fun.  I had some really strange fishy peanut flavored crackers.  They were really airy.  I don’t think that they were soposed to tast like fish a peanuts but that’s ok.  They got worse and worse as I ate them.  So I covered them with hotsause to add a better flavor.


This week was halloween ? I ate a lot  of candy. A LOT!  I played twister and kickball.  After blogging im going to play twister again.  Today was cooking.  We made this stuff. I dont know what it’s called, but we made it. ? it’s called pavlova!!!!!! I just had a long conversation about belly buttons.