This week I’m going to North Carolina to visit my sister for her birthday.  Im also going to see my other sister who hasn’t seen me since I was really little.  The only person that knows I’m coming is my oldest sister. I really exited to see all of my nieces and nephews and other people that I’ve never met before.  I have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and get onto a shuttle at 4:15, I think.  Then I get on the plane at 7:00.  Today we were supposed to make gingerbread people and houses  but Nancy got pneumonia.

Christmas ?

We made Christmas cookies today.  Yesterday at the potluck  we played a really fun game of dark hide and Seek. Yesterday for lunch I had a lox and cream cheese bagel.  I just noticed that the microwave is open.  I want to get up and close it but I’m really comfortable on this couch.  Yoni game me and Beth data log work for the adventure playground.  I keep putting it off and saying I’ll do it tomorrow.  Beth is already half way done.  The cookies were just brought into the back room.  So this is the end of my blog.?