This week I learned about the cochlear implant. I can’t imagine what it it feels like to not know what sounds are around me.  And then after being in silence for the beginning of my life suddenly hearing And discovering the sounds around me.  This week I dropped my phone in water.  I kind of hoped that it would be broken so that my mom would buy me a new one.


Beth spilled lemonade  on the floor.  Then swept it up with a broom. It worked better then I thought it would.  This week I ate a lot of sandwiches from blue coco.   I got money from Yoni because I finally finished the data entry work.  It was sooo warm yesterday so we all went to the park. Eli and his sister came yesterday. I also went to acro and theatre of the oppressed.  I also got crepes after school with Iphy which was fun. I also went to shake shack with Beth after school.  I don’t know how to end this blog.