First week back

Wow….this week went by quick!!–Beth

My break was very uneventful. I sat inside and watched tv all day every day. This week was ok, but not great.  It felt very long and boring. One of the only things that really stood out was the really good sandwich I ate today.  It was a BLT. They are my favorite.  Oh and also remember doing muscle with Ryan because my stomach has been sore ever since. OHH and Damian was very nice and bought me and a lot of other people fidgets. Thank you. Damian. Thank you.

Today there is a potluck. Beth accidentally scheduled it. She meant to schedule a part with food during school, but people misunderstood.  So today there is a potluck/karaoke party today, and beth can’t even go. We exepted 5 new kids today. I am really exited for break. Tomorrow I’m going with beth to buy a dress for Sebastian’s Bar mitzva. Yay