this week i played minecraft with Iphy and james.  A lot.   I also got pretty far in the story about an avocado girl.  I fixed the swing today.  the string was starting to get thin and frayed. I kind of wanted to see someone fall. Anyway,  we made pancakes for cooking today. They were very good.  Toby got a hair cut. Its soo cool. Nahla was wearing a shirt today that made her look like a super hero.  i saw the bar mitzvah photos today and they are soo prettttyyy. But sebastian taking forever to send them.  sorry for the long title HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH


Today I ate chicken meatballs and pizza. Not together. I have gained a new name. Ghost. I know that when People say that they are making fun of me, but I think that ghosts are cool ?.  Tonight I’m going to be in the alchorus performance. I’m scared. I hope there is free food. Im talking about dead baby birds  with Zoe and Eli.

My week

This week was boring. Im just waiting to get sick. Everyday that I come to school someone else is sick. Yay. Today I went out in the rain to get pizza and my clothes are going to be wet for hours. It was worth it. I’m about to help DJ  a dance party. Not a lot happened at school this week. Trying to remember would be a wast of time. Anyway, byeeeeeeee