This week

This week I came to school. I did some stuff. I ate lunch. I played a lot of cards. I learned some really cool fun card games today!! Thank you chuck. Soo much. I also went to Dancegiving. There was a lot of amazing food. That you Sterling’s mom! Visiting students. They all got in.  Yay.  So exciting. I feel good. Really good. I had so much sugar. WOOOOOHOOOOO

My thoughts at this moment

I’m not sure how to dress in this weather. I want to wear leggings under my pants, long sleeve shirts and long socks. I go out side and I think “this is perfect, I’m not cold I have made a smart decision.” Then I get to school. Thats when I start to melt. So I’ve been wearing the same stuff I wear during the summer time. Jeans and short sleeve shirts with short socks. “Oh my gosh, you wear jeans when it’s summer?” Yes. Yes I do.